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“Welcome! The Medicare Rights Center is the largest and most reliable independent source of Medicare information and assistance in the United States. Our five continuing education programs for CFP® practitioners will ensure that you master the basics of health care coverage for older adults and people with disabilities. As you learn more about Medicare and share that information, you will build clients’ trust and keep them engaged. Thank you for making Medicare Rights a part of your continuing education experience.”

– Joe Baker, President, Medicare Rights Center

  1. Medicare Intensive
    17 CE Hours
    Length: 15 Hours 5 Minutes

    Help your clients navigate the Medicare maze. This 17-section intensive program provides access to the complete MI Pro curriculum to give you in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations regarding Medicare – everything from Medicare coverage options, coordination of benefits, and Late Enrollment Penalties to IRMAA, the appeals process, and available assistance programs.
    1. One-Year Subscription
      Cost: $272.00
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  2. Medicare Basics
    4 CE Hours
    Length: 2 Hours 40 Minutes

    This course serves as a gateway to understanding Medicare. In this orientation course, you will learn common insurance and health care terms, gain an understanding of Medicare eligibility requirements, and receive a broad overview of the fundamental components of Medicare.
    1. One-Year Subscription
      Cost: $70.00
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  3. Medicare Options
    6 CE Hours
    Length: 5 Hours 20 Minutes

    This course expands on baseline Medicare knowledge and elaborates on specific coverage rules for Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D. Throughout this course, you will secure a better understanding of Medicare enrollment periods and Medicare coverage rules, and learn important differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans.
    1. One-Year Subscription
      Cost: $88.00
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  4. Appeals and Penalties
    5.5 CE Hours
    Length: 4 Hours

    This course offers anyone more familiar with Medicare the information and skills needed to understand how Medicare beneficiaries can appeal denials of coverage and navigate issues related to Medicare premium penalties. Throughout this course, you will learn more about the different types of Medicare appeals and the steps necessary to help your clients successfully navigate the appeals process.
    1. One-Year Subscription
      Cost: $70.00
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  5. Other Insurance and Assistance Programs
    4.5 CE Hours
    Length: 3 Hours 5 Minutes

    This course provides you with in-depth information on how Medicare works with other types of insurances, and how your clients and their families can navigate enrollment into assistance programs. Throughout this course, you will learn about Medicare coordination of benefits and how Medicare beneficiaries are screened for different types of assistance programs.
    1. One-Year Subscription
      Cost: $70.00
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